Day 232: Preparing Breakfast on a Rainy Morning

A steady, soaking rain sent us scurrying into our Cooke Custom Sewing Lean 2 at dusk. We crawled into our sleeping bags at 8:30 PM and I quickly fell asleep. We had been up late laughing and visiting with friends who paddled out to see us the night before. Fresh veggies and unique foods are a novelty, but friends and family are the only thing we really miss out here.

Yesterday we paddled and portaged through Smoke and Burnt Lakes to Kelly Lake. The 230 rod portage from Burnt to Kelly was crisscrossed with downed trees and alders, so we spent almost as much time sawing, breaking, and clearing branches and trees as we did carrying our gear across the portage. Like many of the portage trails we have crossed since ice-out, there were not boot prints- only moose tracks.

This morning I fired up our @Biolitestove and boiled water for breakfast as Amy slowly woke up. A snowshoe hare hopped by, pausing to nibble on some new growth. Most of its body was brown, but its white feet were a gentle reminder that it was wintery just a few weeks ago. I remember watching a hare hopping around in the fall with white feet that looked just as out of place. Soon all the hares with have completed their transition from a wintery white coat to their summer brown fur. How lucky we are to watch these things come full circle. Life really is a marvelous thing and Wilderness reveals life’s simplest essence with such clarity.

Daily Data

Days spent in the Wilderness: 232
High Temperature: 61 F
Low Temperature: 38 F
Miles Traveled: 4
Number of Portages: 4
Number of Lakes visited: 5

Animals Encountered:
Raven 3
Common loon 4
Bald eagle 2
Red squirrel 2
Red-breasted nuthatch 4
Black-capped chickadee 8
Beaver 1
Common merganser 6
Gray jay 1
Pileated woodpecker 1
Bufflehead 4

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