Day 222: Gliding across Parent Lake

Parent Lake’s mirror-smooth surface enticed Amy out for a paddle yesterday evening. We had planned to travel father yesterday but after a wonderful lunch visit with our friends Steve and Nancy, we decided to stay on Parent and tackle the bushwack south out of Parent today instead.

Our sun-soaked campsite was just too inviting to pass up. This morning we are packing up camp, excited to see some new country and visit a series of tiny lakes linked by Drumstick Creek. The Wilderness is laced with hundreds of small lakes and streams that are rarely visited by humans. We are hoping high water will allow us to navigate Drumstick Creek, but only time will tell.

Daily Data

Days spent in the Wilderness: 222
High Temperature: 59F
Low Temperature: 30 F
Miles Traveled: 4
Number of Portages: 1
Number of Lakes visited: 2

Animals Encountered:
Raven 4
Common loon 3
Bald eagle 3
Red squirrel 4
Red-breasted nuthatch 7
Black-capped chickadee 12
Bufflehead 6
Common merganser 7
Herring gulls 2
Pileated woodpecker 1
Yellow-rumped warbler 2
Blue-headed vireo 1

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