Day 204: Watching the Snow Melt off Knife Lake from the Top of Thunder Point

Lounging in the sun, we gazed down Knife Lake past Isle of the Pines and on to the west where generations of Native Americans, voyageurs, and now modern canoeists have unloaded their canoes on their way west along this watery Wilderness highway which has been in continuous use for centuries.

When we climbed to the top of Thunder Point, Knife Lake was covered in a soft blanket of snow. Over several hours we watched pools of slush form on the lake’s surface, replacing the shiny white with a dull gray. Once the layer of reflective white melts away, the sun’s rays are able to melt the remaining snow and ice more quickly. It was interesting to watch this transition from above.

Immersed in the calm, silent Wilderness, we were totally alone. The only human sign was the narrow ribbon in the melting snow that we made as we skied across the canvas of white stretching to the horizon.

By the end of today only patches of snow will remain in the shadows, protected from the sun. We are so lucky to be out here watching spring unfold. We have wanted to spend break-up in the Wilderness for many years. Now that dream is becoming a reality. We look forward to documenting and sharing this unique moment in the Wilderness with you as we bear witness to the land to remind us all what a special place this is. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is like no other place on earth.

Daily Data

Days spent in the Wilderness: 204
High Temperature: 52 F
Low Temperature: 28 F
Miles Traveled: 2
Number of Portages: 0
Number of Lakes visited: 1

Animals Encountered:
Raven 3
Bald Eagle 1
Red Squirrel 2
Chipmunk 4

One Comment

  1. Mike Tilden
    Posted April 14, 2016 at 2:53 pm | Permalink

    I love this picture of Amy looking over Knife Lake. Did you take more as the snow melted?

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