Day 201: April Blizzard on Saganaga Lake

35 mile per hour gusts are raging across Saganaga Lake, buffeting our thin nylon home, and emmiting a dull roar as they surge through the pines around us. Yesterday we skied across Saganaga, weaving through an intricate maze of islands, exploring the mouth of the Granite River, and venturing into Tenor Lake. As we finished our 13 mile loop snow had begun to fill our tracks and swirl over our skis.

Overnight the winds increased, swung to the northwest, and by morning a blizzard buffeted our tent. Taking a cue from Tank, we have been content to sip tea, write, and read. Between snacks and brief forays into the wind to add more guy lines to the tent, gather water, and haul in firewood, we have fallen into a steady rythm of reading and writing. For much of the day I have read A Whale for the Killing by Farley Mowat aloud while Amy transcribes her handwritten journal into a digital form.

We are hoping the wind will die overnight and tomorrow we can move on. It looks like this blizzard may be winter’s last hoorah. We hope to traveled for another day or two and then look for a place to wait out the thaw.

Daily Data

Days spent in the Wilderness: 201
High Temperature: 39 F
Low Temperature: 18 F
Miles Traveled: 13
Number of Portages: 2
Number of Lakes visited: 2

Animals Encountered:
Raven 5
Bald Eagle 2
Red squirrel 1

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