Day 189: Saying goodbye to Tina and Acorn

We were up at dawn and harnessed the dogs in the cool morning air. Rocketing down Knife Lake as the sun rose higher, the dogs pulled us with ease over the icy surface. By 9 AM it was already hot. We stopped often, letting the dogs lap water from puddles along the shore. We were headed for Splash Lake to meet Frank Moe. It seems like only yesterday Frank drove a team in to drop off Tina, Tank, and Acorn. Now 3 months later the ice is starting to melt and Frank was back to pick up Tina and Acorn.

It was sad saying goodbye to Tina and Acorn, but they were obviously happy to see Frank and its was time for them to go home. We are so thankful to have worked with them all winter, they were wonderful companions and amazing sled dogs.

Now our party is down to 3, it’s just Amy, Tank, and me on Knife Lake. Spring is in the air and before long we will be canoeing.

Daily Data

Days Spent in the Wilderness: 189
High Temperature: 59 F
Low Temperature: 24 F
Miles Traveled: 20
Number of Portages: 10
Number of Lakes Visited: 5

Animals Encountered:
Ravens 6
Canada Geese 11
Pileated Woodpeckers 1
Lake Trout 1
Red Squirrels 3
Barred owl (heard it last night) 1

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