Day 179: Winter returns to the Wilderness

A fresh blanket of snow and several cool nights transformed the Boundary Waters into a wintery Wilderness once more. What a contrast to the water-covered ice and bare ground that smelled like spring. We are excited that winter will continue a little longer. Yesterday we traveled into Disappointment Lake with Kevin from @seekoutside . The wet snow clung to the trees. We found ourselves breaking out our trail saw four times to clear trees that had fallen across the portage.

Otter, fox, pine marten and red squirrel tracks dotted the lakes, but no other humans had cut across Disappointment. An eagle circled overhead and a brisk wind whispered through the pines. Tina, Tank, and Acorn leaned into their harnesses. We glided silently across the white Wilderness. Each day in the Wilderness provides us with a deeper understanding and appreciation of this special place.

Daily Data

Days spent in the Wilderness: 179
High Temperature: 35 F
Low Temperature: 3 F
Miles Traveled: 8
Number of Portages:1
Number of Lakes visited: 2
Animals Encountered:
Raven 2
Red Squirrel 3
Gray Jay 1
Bald Eagle 1
Black-capped chickadees 8
Pileated woodpecker 2

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