Day 140: It is cold on the Wilderness!

Photo by Matt Vanbiene Snow swirled across Angleworm Lake with every frigid gust as we loaded our toboggans this morning. The dogs barked and lunged with excitement as we prepared to leave our sheltered campsite and head north into the biting wind. “Let’s go dogs, let’s go”, and the toboggans surged forward. I synched my fur ruff to protect my face and my view of the world quickly diminished to the snow blowing across my skis. In the afternoon we rested in the sun, sheltered from the wind. After being buffeted by the wind all morning, the sun hitting my unprotected face felt glorious. We ate lunch and rested until our toes told us it was time to move on. Wilderness strips away the noise in our lives and allows us to appreciate life’s unrefined pleasures. Shelter, warmth, food, companionship: these are the things we are all searching for. Daily Data
Days spent in the Wilderness: 140
High Temperature: 5 F
Low Temperature: -7 F
Miles Traveled: 5
Number of Portages: 1
Number of Lakes visited: 1
Animals Encountered:
Raven 1
Red Squirrel 2

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