Day 138: Hegman Lake Pictographs

The mile and a half long portage from Angleworm Lake to Tease Lake was untracked and hard to follow. Heavy, knee deep snow and numerous downed trees slowed our progress. At times it was hard to find the trail. When we were halfway across, the rain started in earnest. We were wet, but since we were working hard it was easy to stay warm.

We were headed to North Hegman Lake to see several pictographs. Long ago, someone painted several symbols on the granite cliff face. A person standing with outstretched arms, a moose, and another animal are clearly visible. There are other marks near this main set of images. The artist used a special pigment that bonded to the rock.

I have visited the North Hegman Lake pictographs many times, but I am always struck by how sharp they are. The red is so vibrant, I can imagine the artist snowshoeing down the lake hours before we arrived. What was their life like? Why were they moved to paint the rocks?

I imagine North Hegman Lake has remained largely the same since people left these markings on the cliff face long ago. The beauty of the Wilderness is that hundreds of years from now people will continue to paddle, ski, and snowshoe to the north end of this lake to stare up at the rocks with the same sense of wonder that Amy and I felt today.

Daily Data

Days spent in the Wilderness: 138
High Temperature: 36 F
Low Temperature: 24 F
Miles Traveled: 9
Number of Portages: 3
Number of Lakes visited:4
Animals Encountered:
Raven 2
Red Squirrel 3
Gray Jay 1

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