Day 127: Enjoying a beautiful sunrise in the Wilderness

It was a pretty typical morning. The alarm went off at 6:30 from deep inside Amy’s sleeping bag. I crawled out of my bag, carefully placed firewood into the stove, lit a piece of birch bark, and placed the dog food pot and our pot of water on top of the wood stove. After 20 minutes the tent warmed up to a comfortable temperature and Amy emerged from her sleeping bag, uncovering her lovely smile from layers of insulation and we prepared to go out and check on the dogs.

Tank and Tina whined softly, as they usually do, when we start talking in the morning. Tina sounds like a high pitched Wookiee when she is ready for breakfast or is excited about something, which is pretty much all the time. After checking on the dogs we ladled their bowls full of soupy breakfast as the dogs pranced, hopped, and howled with excitement.

As we walked out onto the lake to open our water hole, the sun lit up the clouds. A stiff wind kept us from lingering long, but any hassles associated with hauling water during our last 127 days in the Wilderness were wiped away in that moment.

The wind blew hard and it snowed all day. We spent the day around camp, cutting and splitting firewood, fixing broken equipment, and writing in our journals. Today the sun is out and we look forward to harnessing up the dogs and going for a run.

Daily Data

Days spent in the Wilderness: 127
High Temperature: 26 F
Low Temperature: 19 F
Miles Traveled: 0
Number of Portages: 0
Number of Lakes visited: 1
Animals Encountered:
Raven 2

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