Chilly Morning on the Basswod River

For the first time in many months I felt the urge to burrow my head into my sleeping bag to warm the tip of my cold nose. More and more flecks of color appear in the forest each day. It is clear that fall will win its timeless battle with summer once again. A blanket of fog covered the Basswood River as I went about my morning. I gathered water, boiled water and started breakfast while Amy packed up our sleeping bags and sleeping pads. At one point I peeked in and she was busy rolling my sleeping pad with her legs and torso still ensconced in the warmth of her sleeping bag. Clever.

Now the sun’s warmth is drying the last droplets of dew from the tall grasses along the water’s edge as we prepare to load the canoe and head up the Basswood River.

Daily Data:

Days in the Wilderness: 358
Miles traveled: 14
Bodies of water visited: 2

Animals seen:

12 Canada geese
2 mergansers
4 red squirrels
6 black-capped chickadees
2 bald eagles
1 osprey
1 river otter
2 frogs
2 trumpeter swans

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