No. More. Reservoirs, please. September 8 – 16, 2016

September 8th, 2016 I had a great night’s rest in the motel bed, with two pillows! The motel breakfast was plentiful and amazing. We lounged until it was time for the chiropractor and found our way there on the Main Street of Chamberline. It was incredibly to sit in that massage chair and I was Read More

The River Giveth and Taketh Away Part 2: The Jefferson River

An expedition of this magnitude requires many people working very hard to support the vision, usually behind the scenes. These individuals are instrumental to the expedition’s success and the overall mission of Source of Confidence. Each post we will highlight these all-star humans, as best we can! There are so many people we meet and who Read More

Exploring Watersheds

As we paddled to Brule Lake, we traveled through small lakes and streams. We portaged around places where the streams formed rapids. Dave and I began to think about water and where it flows. This week’s Notes from the Trail is all about watersheds. A watershed is the area of land where its water drains Read More

Tank’s Thoughts: Moose on my Mind

Hello everyone. This is Tank reporting on this week’s Notes from the Trail. There are all sorts of interesting animals that are out and about right now. I’m so excited to be out in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, traveling with Amy and Dave. There is a really big animal that we saw recently. Read More