Dave and Amy Freeman are spending a year in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Day 268: This Quiet Place

Jerry Vandiver was bitten by the Boundary Waters bug many years ago and has been making regular pilgrimages from Nashville ever since. Eric Frost has also been coming to the Boundary Waters for 20 plus years. We met in the Boundary Waters and founded the Wilderness Classroom together. Eric and Jerry are talented, professional musician Read More

Day 267: Boundary Waters Birthday Party

Jerry Vandiver, Eric Frost, Amberly Rosen, and Nick Hoins paddled out to visit us. Yesterday was Amberly’s 30th birthday. Jerry and Nick baked her chocolate brownies for her birthday. Jerry led us in a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday as Amberly prepared to blow out the candles. Today Amy, Jerry, Eric, and I put the Read More

Day 263: Mending Equipment on Snipe Lake

We have explored 307 lakes and waterways during the first 259 days of A Year in the Wilderness. Our clothing and equipment have taken a beating, but continue to keep us warm, dry, happy, rested and fed most of the time. After nearly 10 days of muddy portages and cold, windy, wet weather today’s sunshine Read More

Day 259: Drying Out After the Rain

Our campsite looked like a garage sale today with almost every item of clothing we have hung over the long guy lines of our Cooke Custom Sewing Lean 2. Tank spent most of the day napping in the sun, moving every few hours as the sun moved across the sky to a prime sunny spot. Read More

Watching Dragonflies Emerge

During this past week Dave and I witnessed something amazing. We watched dragonflies metamorphose. This means they changed. Have you ever seen a dragonfly? Dragonflies are large insects that fly. They have long bodies and two sets of large wings. They eat other insects and they fly really fast. They don’t spend much of their Read More

Day 250: Moonrise over the Boundary Waters

Transfixed by the star-covered, moonless sky, I lay on the warm bedrock for hours watching whispy clouds flow by. The earth slowly rotated through space and I greeted new stars and wished others a farwell until the next clear night. A faint glow appeared on the horizon, urging me to stay and watch the moon Read More