Dave and Amy Freeman are spending a year in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Day 282: Wilderness Lessons

The Wilderness has many moods. Yesterday as we paddled and waded our way up the Phoebe River the sun played hide and seek with the bright, billowing clouds floating overhead. It was warm and wading in the water felt good. As we paddled across Knight Lake dark clouds appeared behind us. We began paddling with Read More

Day 281: Phoebe River Magic

We at lunch in an idyllic fairyland of rock and flowing water. It is one of my favorite spots in the Wilderness, tucked along the portage trail into Hazel Lake. We laughed, ate, and soaked in the sun, listening to the water rush over the bedrock.

Day 280: Campfire Tales on Polly Lake

A thick blanket of fog slowly dissipated as we enjoyed Trailtopia Oatmeal and sipped our coffee. By 8 AM the fog was gone and Tank, Amy, and I were climbing into our 19 ft Wenonah Itasca to head south for Square Lake. We were scheduled to pick up supplies from two groups on Square Lake. Read More

Day279: Wind on the Louse River

The wind has been gusting, swirling, shifting, building and ebbing continuously over the last week, causing us to keep watchful eye on the horizon. We spent several days exploring the Louse River, which is long on portages and short on paddling. It is a wild, rugged landscape and many of the portages feel more like Read More

Day 276: Paddling with a Dog

When we lifted Tank into the canoe for the first time on Bonnie Lake in late April, he had never been in a boat. The lake was still mostly frozen so we could only paddle in a narrow band of ice-free water along the shore. Amy held Tank while I slowly paddled. A few days Read More

Day 275: Sunrise on Makwa

A thin vail of fog floated over Makwa as I slid our canoe into the water at dawn. The cliffs next to our campsite are spectacular anytime, but to float under them as the sun’s first rays cast a soft glow over the rock’s black and white streaks made us happy we rolled out of Read More

Day 274: Small Wonders in the Wilderness

274 days into our #wildernessyear to @savetheBWCA we are still constantly finding new things crawling, flying, leaping, running and blossoming around us. This morning several mayflies were drying their wings on the outside of our tent and while munching on @sevensundaysMN Muesli I watched several mayfly nymphs crawl out of the water. As much as Read More

Day 273: Morning Magic on Snipe Lake

Silently gliding through dawn’s golden mist was like paddling through a dream. The 4:45 AM alarm was harsh, but this morning was our last chance to film with @arborealis and @mattyvanbiene for a film we are working on with @ductapethenbeer. The lake looked like a steaming cup of strong coffee. The choice was clear, we Read More