Dave and Amy Freeman are spending a year in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Day 343: Sunset Paddle on Agnes Lake

After cleaning the dishes and buttoning up camp for the night we slid our canoe back into Lake Agnes for a short paddle. The sun illuminated the clouds in a beautiful patchwork of color and light. We find joy in simple moments like gathering water, setting up camp, preparing food and paddling out into the Read More

Day 341: Blue Heron on Heritage Creek

A great blue heron erupted out of the tall grass and floated gracefully across the marsh ahead of our canoe. After a couple more bends down Heritage Creek we greeted the same heron again. Over and over again the bird jumped ahead of us as we made our away to Heritage Lake. A few times Read More

Day 340: Boundary Waters Sunset

“Some places should be preserved from development or exploitation for they satisfy a human need for solace, belonging and perspective. In the end we turn to nature in a frenzied chaotic world, there to find silence, oneness, wholeness, spiritual release,” – Sigurd Olson

Day 338: Loon Lake Fog

Loon Lake’s glassy surface smoked in the cool morning air. Birds, bugs, humans– all things were still and silent for a moment. The thud of a pine cone hurled from high above and the red squirrel’s shrill chatter broke the calm. Movement and sound swept over us and my mind returned to cooking, writing and Read More

Day 337:Boundary Waters Pirates!

Kids and dogs, parents and grandparents, catching up with old friends and making new ones. . . this week has been filled with people bound together by the Singing Wilderness. Our campsite was even temporarily invaded by a canoe flying a pirate’s flag. Luckily they only brandished smiles and questions.

Day 333: Wilderness White Pines

Solitude and white pine sentinels towering high above their younger neighbors permeate the small lakes and streams south of Lac La Croix. In 1863 and 1864 significant forest fires burned in the wilderness south of Lac La Croix and more large fires burned through the area in 1894. Farther east, around Basswood Lake, there was Read More

Day 330: Nina Moose Sunrise

Something caused me to stir before dawn, perhaps it was the steady thud of spruce cones landing in the dirt, dropped a red squirrel from the treetops in its endless search for food, chickadees and sparrows signally a new day, or one of the innumerable natural sounds that surrounds us. It certainly was not the Read More