Dave and Amy Freeman are spending a year in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Day 353: Going were the Wind Blows

Golden fog blanketed the lake again this morning. We slowly sipped steaming mugs of coffee and ate oatmeal with an extra dollop of peanut butter as delicate waves of mist washed over the lake. A few tendrils of fog remained when my coffee and oatmeal were gone so I suggested we make more coffee and Read More

Day 351: Dancing Through the Rice

Gazing over the swaying carpet of green, I watched Bert guide their canoe through the rice as Johnnie rhythmically guided kernels onto a growing pile of rice in the widest part of their canoe. Bert expertly adjusted the canoe’s speed to match Johnnie’s flails as they bent the rice over the gunnel and gently brushed Read More

Harvesting Wild Rice

Welcome back to school and welcome to the final month of A Year in the Wilderness! Dave and I have been in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness for 350 days. We have been paddling our canoe all summer, visiting about 470 lakes, rivers and streams. There are sure signs of the fall season around Read More

Day 350: Trumpeter Swans in the Boundary Waters

Scanning the lake for our seven glistening white neighbors has been a real joy during our stay on Nina Moose Lake. Trumpeter swans were hunted to near extinction but they are coming back and each year we have started seeing a few more in the Boundary Waters. The seven magnificent birds, that seem content to Read More

Day 347: Soaking in a Natural Jacuzzi

Cool water bubbled and swirled around our tired muscles. Paddling and pushing the canoe through thick beds of wild rice combined with constantly lifting and moving the cedar flails to gently coax the ripe kernels into the canoe is hard work. It makes us appreciate the food we’re gathering. Soaking in a natural jacuzzi overlooking Read More

Day 346: Swans in the Morning Mist

There is a primal enchantment aroused when you wake to a blanket of mist covering your temporary home on the edge the water deep in the Wilderness. I often find myself fiddling with dials and switches, trying in vane to capture the moment with my camera. Maybe it’s best that the camera can’t capture the Read More

Day 343: Visitors on Nina Moose Lake

A canoe loaded to the gunnels paddled across Nina Moose Lake towards our campsite. The faces of our friends Goose, Jason and Layne became distinguishable and soon we were waving and smiling as they drew closer. They paddled in for an overnight– a brief respite from their busy lives. We lounged on a beach taking Read More