Dave and Amy Freeman are spending a year in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Day 363: Reflection Lake

We visited our 500th body of water on the 363rd day of our Year in the Wilderness. Crashing through wet branches and soggy moss, over rotting white pine trunks and through balsam thickets, we slowly bushwhacked towards Reflection Lake. The final 100 yards was a soupy, boot-sucking bog. Before we paddled into the Wilderness nearly Read More

Day 355: Tank is a Portaging Pro

Tank was all business on the portage between Rush Lake and Dark Lake. It’s not surprising because he seems to enjoy portaging far more than canoeing. It is probably due to all the smells along the portage trail and trees to mark. Dark Lake was the 497th body of water that we have visited during Read More

Day 354: Pine Marten

As we made breakfast Amy noticed this pine marten peering down at us from the crotch of a small cedar tree 8 feet above our heads. Soon Tank noticed it and was whining and pacing below. The marten seemed pretty agitated at first, but after a few minutes we tied Tank up a healthy distance Read More