Defeating Mid-Expedition Despair

Expedition life is tough. The days are long and often monotonous or filled with danger and intrigue. All of which becomes exhausting at a certain point. On our 200-day expedition to become the first female canoe descent of the Missouri-Mississippi River system, we’ve come up with a few strategies to get through that mid-expedition* slump. Read More


Howdy! I’m Alyce and this is my perspective on Expedition Mentality. Big Goals for the Source of Confidence Expedition: Canoe the 4th longest river system in the world Share the journey and experience with people along the route and via the internet Talk about the confidence building process in a vulnerable way Learn and grow through Read More

Source of Confidence

In April 2015, we decided to go on an expedition to explore the confidence-building process. On this source-to-sea expedition of the Missouri-Mississippi River system, we are on a real life mission to discover our own sources of confidence. As we make discoveries, we will share them with you to help you navigate your own path to confidence. What is Read More

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye Sessions: Staying sharp on the river We met a man along the river who told us about a special stone called “Tiger Eye”. It’s a gemstone with black and gold and some orange mixed in. Tiger eye, the man told us, is believed to bring strength and good power to whomever holds it. It must be Read More


Hi! I’m Lisa. These are my goals and what I think about myself when I approach Expedition Mentality. Big Goals for the Source of Confidence Expedition: Support and respect the team through collaboration Gain confidence in my ability to set and hold personal boundaries Break overly-critical and negative thought patterns Gain confidence in sharing my ideas Read More

Expedition Mentality Questions Answered

Source of Confidence Going on a canoe expedition for seven months requires a lot of preparation. You need to figure out your route, pack your food (or figure out where to buy it along the way), acquire necessary gear, and let people who are not coming with you know what you are up to just in Read More

Expedition Mentality

Expedition: A journey with a purpose Mentality: A way of thinking Expedition Mentality: A way of thinking that supports the journey and the purpose Our Expedition The Journey: Canoe from source-to-sea on the Jefferson, Missouri, and Mississippi Rivers On May 11, 2016, we set out to become the first all-female team to canoe the Jefferson, Missouri, Read More

Confidence-Building Curriculum

  As we canoe the 4th longest river system, we will use this platform to deliver our confidence-building curriculum. This will include activities, simple lesson plans and structured reflection prompts, that encourage building confidence, along with social and emotional learning. With our principles of taking positive risks, processing failure and celebrating success, we aim to support girls and women in navigating Read More