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Expedition Mentality Questions Answered

Source of Confidence Going on a canoe expedition for seven months requires a lot of preparation. You need to figure out your route, pack your food (or figure out where to buy it along the way), acquire necessary gear, and let people who are not coming with you know what you are up to just in Read More

Cows Poop Where They Want. June 18th-24th, 2016

June 18th, 2016 Still feeling tired from the portage on the 16th, we granted our bodies and minds the luxury of sleeping in! This was facilitated by comfortable beds and walls to block out the sun at Bonnie and Lyle’s house near Ryan Dam. Climate control was a bonus. It’s hard to sleep in much Read More

Officially on the Missouri River

June 5th, 2016 continued….  After finishing up our computer work and out of ideas for fixing the portage cart tires, we thought “why not trying filling the tubes in the tires with air and see what happens?” We headed to a gas station and it worked! Lisa used her master craftswomen skills to bend the Read More

Expedition Mentality

Expedition: A journey with a purpose Mentality: A way of thinking Expedition Mentality: A way of thinking that supports the journey and the purpose Our Expedition The Journey: Canoe from source-to-sea on the Jefferson, Missouri, and Mississippi Rivers On May 11, 2016, we set out to become the first all-female team to canoe the Jefferson, Missouri, Read More

The River Giveth and Taketh Away Part 2: The Jefferson River

An expedition of this magnitude requires many people working very hard to support the vision, usually behind the scenes. These individuals are instrumental to the expedition’s success and the overall mission of Source of Confidence. Each post we will highlight these all-star humans, as best we can! There are so many people we meet and who Read More

The Start! Reflection #1.

Greetings from the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in Southern Montana! One of the last remaining nesting places for trumpeter swans, we have learned. We (Lisa, Alyce, Viki and Owa the Dog) are camped at the Lower Red Rock Lakes (LRRL) Campground today, May 17th, 2016. We departed St. Paul, Minnesota on May 7th and Read More