Making A New Friend

I ran next to a different dog this week. Her name is Monax. I had fun getting to know her. She is small and brown. Her bark is high-pitched. She is from Duluth, Minnesota. We have been really busy lately. Every dog in the kennel is running. She came with three other dogs too. I Read More

A Fun Day


I had a lot of fun yesterday! Amy was guiding one person on a dogsled. She chose three of my friends to pull the sled. They were George, Ricki, and Millie. They are all friendly, young dogs. I ran along. The weather was cold and windy. The other three dogs and I liked this. We Read More

Making A Paw Print

Dave and Amy spent some time making marks with my paw. They dipped it in ink and even painted it! I wasn’t quite sure why they were doing this. It was kind of fun. I like getting any sort of attention. They even made a video about it. Have you watched it yet? The weather Read More

Sleeping Inside

Zzzzzz. Zzzzzz. Dave just told me that I snore. I have been sleeping on the floor in Dave and Amy’s room. It is nice and warm in here. I am glad they are back. I found out that Dave went to a friend’s wedding and Amy flew to Salt Lake City for a few days Read More

Where I Grew Up

I visited my nephew and niece last weekend. They live way out in the woods. It is the place where I grew up. I was happy to play with Thistle and Ginger. I got to see my old owners too. They gave me pets and let me come in the house – just like old Read More