Our main objective is to educate elementary and middle school students about the world’s waterways, wildest places, rich history, and unique people. Students and teachers are able to use email, online polls, video conferencing, videos, photos, scientific data and a host of other educational resources to connect with scientists, and adventurers. We hope you will¬†sign up, it is free, and start using your program with your students today!
We have developed a complete curriculum guide for the North American Odyssey, which will make it easy for teachers and parents to get their students engaged and turn them into virtual explorers.

Expedition Mentality

Expedition: A journey with a purpose Mentality: A way of thinking Expedition Mentality: A way of thinking that supports the journey and the purpose Our Expedition The Journey: Canoe from source-to-sea on the Jefferson, Missouri, and Mississippi Rivers On May 11, 2016, we set out to become the first all-female team to canoe the Jefferson, Missouri, Read More