Canoeing With the New Guy

This guy has joined our group. He paddles in a different canoe. I have gotten used to riding in our canoe while seeing Bryan paddle near us. He and Dave talk a lot. Sometimes Bryan howls at me. I whine back.

Recently we were on a portage. I carried my pack across, as usual. At the end of the portage, Dave and Amy were loading their canoe. Bryan put a couple packs in his canoe too. I happened to be standing near his canoe when he was ready to go.

I got sort of confused. Bryan told me that I could get into his canoe. This is different. I always ride in Dave and Amy’s canoe, but they were farther away. I looked over to Dave and he told me it was okay. I climbed into Bryan’s canoe.

He took off and there I was, sitting in a different canoe! It is a skinny canoe. I couldn’t turn around and lie down like I do in Dave and Amy’s canoe. I sat there while Bryan paddled, looking at Dave and Amy to make sure it was okay. This was kind of scarey.

Luckily the lake was small. I only had to sit still for a few minutes. Then Bryan pulled up to shore and I hopped out as quickly as I could. We hiked across the portage and at the next lake I made sure to stand next to Dave and Amy’s canoe and whine.



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