How can we reduce the amount of garbage that we have to throw away?

Based on your suggestions to our Dave’s Dilemma a few weeks ago, we have been saving all of our trash for the last 5 days. Our plan is to save 7 days worth of trash and then sort and weight all of the trash so that we know exactly how much we are producing. Then, based on your suggestions we will try to reduce the amount of non-recyclable and non-reuseable garbage that we produce each week.

I recently finished reading a book call Garbology, which is all about the trash that we produce. Did you know that the average American produces more than 7 pounds of trash each day? That adds up to about 200,000 pounds over a person’s lifetime. However, the book also talked about a family of 4 living in California that can fit all of the non-recyclable garbage they produce in a year into one large peanut butter jar!

We are not done collecting our trash for the week, but it is easy to see that a large percentage of our garbage is plastic food packaging: bread bags, cheese wrappers, bags from the bulk food bins at the grocery store, plastic lids that are hard to recycle, zip-lock style bags, etc.

Do you have ideas for how we could reduce the amount of plastic garbage that we produce? What type of garbage do you produce? What can you do to reduce the amount you throw away?


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      We are working on more video clips and will post them soon.

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