Blog 1: One Month Before Take-Off

“In the Crew’s Own Words”

                  –life on board Sea Change, a spring sailing voyage on Lake Superior

Cedar’s blog: Hi! My name is Cedar Gordon and I am 13. I am part of the Amicus II crew along with my mom and dad, (Mark and Katya Gordon), my sister Lamar Gordon, young adults Claire, Zander, and Keera, and close friends Brooke Doughty, Coulter, and Cedar Holden.

We are a month away and we are working on projects to get ready for the trip. For instance, we are canning meat, getting sponsorships, de-winterizing the boat, fine-tuning the route, and all the other usual pre-trip things. It’s a bit hard to believe that in just over a month we will be sailing away.

I am very excited because our route this year takes us to some really cool wilderness places. For instance, the little town of Nipigon, Ont., is on the very northern edge of Lake Superior. In fact it is the most northerly freshwater port in the world! We are also hoping to go to some very remote islands like Michipicoten Island and the Slate Islands. Both of these have large herds of caribou.

There are a lot of things that I really love about these trips. I love creating unique little “boat families.” I love meeting lots of new people. Waking up in a new place every day is also fun and exciting. Seeing unique places that only a few people see gives me a sense of wonder. Watching the waves roll by hour by hour while engaging in deep heartfelt conversations has a very special charm. I love rolling into an anchorage that I have never been in before after a boisterous day out on the water, then snuggling down into my supercozy bed–my face windblown, thinking about all the exploring that we will do the next day. These are the things that I look forward to most.




Lamar’s blog: Hi! My name is Lamar Gordon. I’m eleven. This is my third Sea Change trip.  When we’re not on the boat, we live in a house in Two Harbors. The crew will arrive the night before the trip officially begins. Since we homeschool, a lot of my life right now is getting ready for Sea Change. Bogs Footwear sent us eight pairs of Bogs boots that came in a few days ago (I got to pick a super cute pair). In school I made a chart with time, distance, and speed for all our destinations.   I’m excited to meet our young adult crew this year because it’s always unique.

One of the things I’m really not looking forward to is the seasick part of sailing. I’ve always been prone to motion sickness. There’s things you can do to help not get it as bad but it’s always there at least a little and it’s HORRIBLE. I feel like my stomach is a running roller coaster or sometimes it’s more like a bad headache. It helps to snack on crunchy salty things like popcorn or chips. And I usually have to lie flat. It’s also good to take Dramamine or other seasick medications a few hours before we leave the dock.   After a few hours it will go away and some people never get it (I wish that was me).

The trip is always fun so I’m getting excited but I’m also going to miss friends, sports, and other land-life things. Some of the places we’re going to I haven’t been to since I was really small so I’m excited to go back and see Nipigon, The Slate Islands, Rossport, and other cool ports and towns.

I’m excited to make new friends and meet new people.

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    Dear dear Lamar…most likely EVERYONE who has ever been sea sick has sent your mom, my dear friend Katya information on how to help you. GET SEA BANDS wear them for three hours before you get on the boat. Press on them for the first ten minutes to give you a lift. Take Hylands “motion sickness pills” THEY do not make you drowsy. Also tell your mom to get some VERTIFIX it is THE BEST I have ever had…I have been taken off airplanes 4 times in my life for being air sick!! yup carted off the plane on a gurney….so embarrassing. Anyway…I never EVER flew with out dramamine and still got sick…then someone said to try these three things TOGETHER and GUESS WHAT…for the last 9 years I have flown without getting sick and never used dramamine again…
    you can take it every day…it is HOMEOPATHIC and it WORKS. So ask your mom to read this it is totally worth it…what have you got to loose? except your stomach contents!!!
    love and blessings on your trip…so glad you are all having these rich experiences in life…love you.
    your friend
    Gwen Rhodes

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