The Clever Dutch and How They Manage Water

Have you ever tried to build barriers to protect a sandcastle from waves on an ocean beach? At a much bigger scale, this is the same problem The Netherlands faces (The Netherlands is also sometimes called Holland and people that are from the Netherlands are called the Dutch).  Almost half the country is either below Read More

Video Trip Summary

Here’s a 2 1/2 minute video we created for our home town school board and community.  It provides a good and quick summary of some of the interesting experiences we had on the first 2/3 of our trip.  We made it just after arriving in Africa in late March.

A Cambodia homestay

Our daughter Jamie created this 3 1/2 minute video about the homestay we went on in Cambodia. The homestay that Jamie describes in her video post was arranged for us by the Cambodian Rural Development Team.  In our short interactions, we were very impressed by this organization.  Their mission is “To improve food security, incomes, Read More

Vietnam Video Summary

Our 9-year old daughter, Jamie, decided she wanted to do a video blog post summarizing what we did in Vietnam.  She wrote the script for this and then we helped to add in photos and video clips. Our kids have their own blog, which you can find here. And if you are an educator, we’ve Read More

Stromatolites: An ancient form of life

This is a short post our daughter Jamie did on the kids’ blog.  But these simple, but really important life forms were so interesting, we wanted to share it here as well.   Stromatolites are limestone rock formations that live in the ocean, made by a kind of bacteria called cyanobacteria. These cyanobacteria were one Read More

Ningaloo Reef, Coral Bleaching, and Red Kangaroos in Western Australia

Here’s a 7 1/2 minute video post about our visit to Cape Range National Park and the Ningaloo Reef, in Western Australia.  We had our first exposure to the “outback,”explored some beautiful gorges, saw some really unique wildlife, and did some fabulous snorkeling.  We also learned about the impacts of climate change on coral reefs, Read More

Galapagos, El Niño, and Climate Change

In our previous post we talked about human impacts on the Galapagos.  There is one more human impact that we’ll discuss in this post and that is climate change.  Climate change is being caused by the increasing amounts of greenhouse gases humans are putting in the air.  The most common greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide, Read More