2,000 Miles to Washington D.C.

12_9_14Student Response (Lower) 12_9_14Student Response (Upper)   Dave and I began portaging our canoe when we reached Annapolis, Maryland. We walked for about 30 miles with the canoe on a cart. As we reached Washington D.C., we were walking on city streets and sidewalks. We passed people waiting for the bus, walking on the sidewalk Read More

Greetings from Washington D.C.

We finally made it to Washington D.C.! Our expedition took 101 days. When we paddled up to the Washington Canoe Club on the Potomac River, we were greeted by friends from Minnesota and canoe club members. Some people even joined us on the water, paddling canoes. The weather was cold and rainy. We were so Read More

Crabs and Shellfish in Chesapeake Bay

12_1_14Student Response (Lower) 12_1_14Student Response (Upper) In last week’s Cast YOUR Vote, students decided that we should study the crabs and shellfish of Chesapeake Bay. You are in luck, because many different types of crabs and shellfish live in Chesapeake Bay. Did you know that crabs are arthropods? An arthropod is an animal with an Read More

Canoeing Through New York City

11_17_14Student Response (Lower) 11_17_14Student Response (Upper) As Dave and I paddled down the Hudson River we began to see more and more buildings. The buildings got taller and taller. Trains rumbled down each side of the river. Cars whizzed overhead on bridges. Dave and I looked at each other and he said, “We are a Read More