Apples, Thunder Bay and Snow

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Lamar: We are now at our second big destination. Grand Marais was the first one and now we are in Thunder Bay. We’ve even talked to Canadian people! Big accomplishment.

I have only gotten a little woozy but no real seasickness so far so I am psyched. It feels like a whole new experience without feeling like I’m going to throw up. I found that popcorn helps when I feel woozy too. Which means I get to eat a lot of popcorn!

I keep getting cold and if I bundle up more I basically can’t move. I tried putting on this super warm fleece but I was so stuffed up I felt like a sausage. So that didn’t last long.

Today when we were coming into Thunder Bay we were beating right into the waves so it took us a ridiculously long time. THAT was really frustrating. We had small snow showers all day too! I thought this was spring!

I’m excited to see the city of Thunder Bay tomorrow because it looks really cool. Tomorrow we also have our first public presentation and open house (or more like open boat).

We’ve been sailing for three days in a row so it will be nice to stay put for a day. I’m excited to have a day without sailing even though the sailing’s kind of fun.

We had to eat 50 apples because we weren’t sure if we would be able to take them across the border. I like apples so that was no problem for me. We had to eat a lot of oranges too. Again no problem.

Brooke: We have made it to Thunder Bay after three days of steady sailing. It has been really great learning how to sail! I feel like I am finally understanding how it all works, and what we have to do for different things.

When we sailed from Knife River to Grand Marais, we left at 5 in the morning. Cedar and I were sleeping in her bunk so we could sleep in and not have to get up at 5. That day we sailed for about 13 hours. It was a long day, and by the end we were all so tired! That evening, the wind was so warm I thought it felt like summer! Nobody agreed with me, though.

The next day we got a later start. We left Grand Marais at 11, and we sailed 7 hours to the Suzi Islands right on the border of the US and Canada. The islands were so pretty, and I saw a lot of places that looked like they would be good for rock climbing! We anchored in the Suzi Islands overnight.

Yesterday we sailed from the Suzi Islands to Thunder Bay. It was so cold; there were even snow flurries! When Cedar and I were on watch, our toes got numb, and it took about 5 hours for them to warm up! Even though I love sailing, I’m looking forward to a few days in the same place. The marina seems nice, and there is even a little park with some trees (though unfortunately they are not good for climbing).

Cedar: We are now in Thunder Bay. We just had three long days in a row. They were all pretty cold days, excepted for the end of the day were we sailed up to Grand Marias, then at the end of the day there was a super warm wind, it felt very nice! Brooke and I have been standing a watch together, it is very cold and yesterday when we came off of watch are toes were very numb. It took a very long time for them to warm up. In the middle of the night 2 nights ago a little bit of a swell picked up so when I woke up yesterday we were bouncing around. Last night we cleared into customs over the phone. Then later that night Security guards kept coming over and asking us all kinds of questions.

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