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Woolly monkeys are some our favorite monkeys in the Amazon. Their soft fur, effortless movement through the trees, and natural curiosity allow the woolly monkey to peak anyone's interest.

There are five species of woolly monkeys in the Amazon Basin. The most common is the yellow-tailed woolly monkey.

Woolly monkeys are arboreal, meaning they live entirely in the rainforest's trees. They generally prefer to live high in tall trees, and almost never step foot on the forest floor. Their prehensile tail allows the woolly to climb freely and safely. It is able to wrap its tail around limbs and branches like a safety line. Woollys can also hang from their tail, allowing their hands and feet to reach for food.

They mostly eat fruits from trees, though woolly monkeys also will eat seeds, leaves, nuts, and invertebrates.

Like most other monkeys, woolly monkeys are very social in live in large troops, averaging 10-15 individuals. Some troops have over 40 monkeys in it.

Woolly monkeys prefer to live in undisturbed flooded rainforest and cloud forests. They do not adapt well to losing habitat or having to move because of deforestation or hunting. Along with the harpy eagle, humans are the woolly monkey's main threat.

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