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What should we do with our trash? We haven’t made much trash yet. Before we left Yurimaguas, we were very careful about re-packaging all of our food so that we wouldn’t have much trash. However, we do have a small bag that is getting full. What should we do with it? One idea is to carry it with us the entire way. Another option would be to burn everything that we can (except plastics and other harmful materials). The last option would be to throw as much natural trash, like fruit peels, leftover food, and other biodegradable things into the river so they can decompose on their own. Perhaps we could do a combination of all options. Let us know what you think and why.


throw away banana peels in the river since it probably happens anywway if bannannas fall in. any other non harmmful trash then youll have less to carry and you wont harm the enviroment

carry it with you

I think you should throw away the banana peels and other foods you have.

I think that you should combine the options and take only plastic an other harmful objects with you all the way.

We think you should do a combination of all three things. You should carry the items too harmful to burn, you should return the natural items back to nature, and burn the safe items, but be careful with your fires they can be dangerous.

Throw as much natural trash, like fruit peels, leftover food, and other biodegradable things into the river so they can decompose on their own.

Our class thinks that you should do a combination of the options. We like the idea of the biodegradable items going into the river or possibly digging a hole for the worms to help. Then you should carry the rest back to find a real garbage can. Have fun! Mrs. B's class

We think that you should find a safe way to burn all things that cannot be recycled. Fruit peels and things that will help the soil can be put in the river. Have a safe trip.

We suggest saving your trash until the end of the expedition. We also think that you could possibly reuse some of the trash for bait or other things along your trip.

We think you should reuse some of your trash. like plastic containers. You could rinse plastic out and use it to hold food. Throw away your food scraps, some animals might eat them. Save other things until you get t a village and throw it away there.

I think a little bit of everything because,it would be better and easier than carrying garbage with you all the way :)

We think that you should throw whatever decomposes into a river and carry the rest of it with you. Or just do all three.

decompose what can be,
burn the other trash that can be,
and hang on to the rest.

Throw away stuff that decomposes and don't throw away the other stuff.

You should definitely throw away all natural products like : banana peels and things, so that they can decompose at the bottom of the river bed. Everything else, you should burn them, and as for the plastics and other harmful materials, just bring them with you until you get to a town or a place where you can get rid of it safely without harming any animals or wildlife in the rainforest.

throw leftover food in river and carry the rest

They should burn the garbage because it might leave little tiny ashes. So it won't really pollute the Amazon and also so you won't have to carry it around.

We don't think you should burn it because it could set a tree on fire by accident and burn the rainforest. We think you should put things like banana peels and other fruit and vegetables in the soil so the worms will eat it and make the soil better for plants and animals.

You should burn it, because if you let it decompose on land, animals might eat it and get sick, and if you throw it in the river, it can't decompose because the bacteria that decomposes it needs oxygen, and fish might choke on it.

We think you should carry it with you in nice compatible bags that are easy to carry so you don't pollute!

We think that it would be best if you threw all of the biodegradable items in the river and carried the rest with you. Fires are hard to get going in such a humid place, and you would have to watch them at all times. Also, the natural wildlife there are not used to such large amounts of smoke, and we do not want to drive them away, do we?

We overwhelmingly voted for a combination. Burn what you can safely burn without releasing damaging gases into the environment. Toss the biodegradeable items into the river and take the rest with you for the remainder of the trip.

We think the team should let the things that can decompose, decompose. The things that don't decompose, you should carry with you.

We think you should burn all non-plastic things and carry all plastic things with you because it is better for the environment. If you don't, it could cause habitat loss.

We think you should bury your trash under ground so worms and other insects can decompose it.

I think that you should do a combination of all three. Take the harmful stuff with you, throw the banana peels and other things that will decompose easily in the river, and then burn everything else that isn't harmful to the environment.

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