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How do we fit all of this stuff into our carry-on? Patrick begins to pack our bicycling repair kit and spare parts.

Our dream has finally come true! We’ve planning, saving money, and doing research for the Trans-Amazon Expedition for over three years. Today we boarded a plane and flew for 9 hours to Lima, Peru. The Trans-Amazon Expedition has begun.

Our team is made up of biologists, teachers, artists, archeologists, and explorers. It’s almost like putting together an all-star sports team. Each member has something important to contribute to the team. However, we all have many things we still need to learn from each other and also from ourselves. We have all been on several wilderness expeditions throughout the world, and we all know that nature can be one of the greatest classrooms.


For months, we´ve been pouring over maps of Peru to find the safest route through the Andes and the rainforest. We´ll carry about 20 lbs. of maps with us to make sure we´re heading in the right direction.

The Trans-Amazon Expedition might be the most difficult expedition the Wilderness Classroom has ever set out on. Bicycling 500 miles over the Andes, home to some of Earth’s tallest mountains, is going to be mentally challenging and physically tiring. In fact, I imagine that most nights we’ll be pretty exhausted and drained.

We also will be exploring some of the planet’s most remote tropical rainforests. The closest hospitals are going to be at least three days away. We have to be careful, alert, and prepared for nearly everything in the rainforest.

The rainforest is not a scary place with dangerous animals lurking in every tree. Yes, there are venomous snakes, caimans with sharp teeth, and insects that transmit terrible diseases. However, if we travel in fear all of the time, we might miss some of the most interesting things the rainforest has to teach us.


It all fit! Patrick is loading our paddles in Chicago. All of our gear has arrived in Lima, and for the most part, it´s all intact.

Many people ask us why we do what we do. Why do you go out in the forest for such a long time? How could you live without a shower for nearly two months? Why don’t you do something easier?

The answer is simple: knowledge. Wilderness travel has so much to teach us. The people, plants, and animals are like a springboard of knowledge. Once you uncover a little bit, you want to dig deeper. Traveling deeper in the rainforest will give us the opportunity to see the rainforest and its inhabitants as they really are. And we’re psyched that we get to share it with you.


Arriving in Lima, we were greeted by throngs of fans. Actually it turns out that most of them were waiting for other people.

Our preparation, past experience in the wilderness, and you will keep us safe. We’re counting on you to make decisions for us that use science and good judgment. The team is going to encounter many obstacles, and we need your input. This is going to be a great expedition.

Happy Trails,



I think it is esier to use your legs, rather then using your arms. That is why I voted for paddling over the Amazon river.

I think it'll be harder to plan because you can't forget anything.

Paddling the Amazon River may be easier because then you have the current to help carry you along, which in my opinion would be harder than bicycling the Andes

can you show us a picture of a cool animal in the rainforest.`

It would be easier to bike because if you go up one you know u have to go back down someetime and that's the easiest part. As for the river you're not always going with the current.

this expedition sounds like a lot of fun...

Could you name two things you brought with you to stay safe?

i think that u guys r so cool! i think that its so cool that you guys are doing this and that all the kids can follow you on this website great job guys! my class loves you.

I cant believe you guys get to go back home. Send more pictures. I wish Icould go next time.


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