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Howdy! I’m Alyce and this is my perspective on Expedition Mentality.

Big Goals for the Source of Confidence Expedition:

  • Canoe the 4th longest river system in the world
  • Share the journey and experience with people along the route and via the internet
  • Talk about the confidence building process in a vulnerable way
  • Learn and grow through my relationships with Lisa and Viki
  • Have fun living the river life
  • Meet and connect with people who live along the route, learning about their lives along the rivers
  • Learning to move forward from my anger and not hold onto resentments from the past

What are you willing to sacrifice to accomplish your goals?

  • That everything must be perfect, or exactly the way I envisioned an idea from the start
  • Ego
  • Energy, time, personal $ and sleep
  • The parts of myself that get stuck in the past

What are you not willing to sacrifice to accomplish your goals?

  • The overarching vision and mission of Source of Confidence
  • Showcasing the raw and difficult moments of the expedition
  • Having opportunities to meet and converse with people along the route
  • My relationships with Lisa and Viki

Character Traits

  • Passion
  • Energy
  • Creative
  • Confidence

What Strengths are you bringing to the expedition?

  • Experience with expeditions of this magnitude and river travel
  • An ability to keep the big picture and live in the moments.
  • 500+ days of wilderness travel.
  • A love of talking with people and spreading our message.
  • An ability to share my energy and get others excited about SOC

In what areas would you like support?

  • Patience with my need for time in processing my emotions and experiences
  • Patience with my anger and the space for me to work through it
  • I will work on saying: just an idea, though patience with interrupting my statements as declaratives
  • The financial elements, especially the post expedition phase


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