A New Trick

This week was great! All that hard work of walking on slippery rocks, chasing after Dave and Amy is over! Dave put the red cover on the boat. I know that when the cover goes on, we will spend all day in the canoe. Dave and Amy paddled across this huge lake and I got to ride. Whoo hoo! It was so exciting. Well, it was exciting for a few minutes and then I fell asleep.

I woke up because I was really hot. Dave and Amy were still paddling. The water was perfectly calm and the sun was beating down. This is when I don’t enjoy having black fur. It was hot. Soooo hot. To deal with the heat, I learned a new trick. I managed to get a drink of water by reaching my head over the side of the boat. I know what you’re thinking – that is one smart dog!

I wouldn’t mind more days like this, because it sure beats chasing after Dave and Amy. Rain or shine, I’d much rather be in the canoe!


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