A Change in Routine

I have spent the past few weeks enjoying my time, lying in the bottom of the canoe. We had a great routine. I would get in the canoe in the morning and nap. We would stop for lunch. I would run around for a couple minutes and then nap. Then I would get back in the canoe and nap until Dave and Amy found the spot to camp for the night.

Well, that routine has changed. Now that we are on the Winnipeg River, I have to work again! Dave and Amy paddle for a while and then we come to a dam. They strap my pack on my back and make me carry my dog food from the bottom of the dam to the top. Sometimes we have to portage around multiple dams in one day. I thought I was all done with the portaging thing weeks ago! Guess I was wrong. At least the day ends with my favorite part of the old routine – eating dinner!





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