A Beautiful Day Full of Animals

This morning, Dave peeked outside the tent and shouted, “you have to come out here!” He grabbed his camera and ran out of the tent. I scrambled after him and saw the beautiful pinks and purples of sunrise. This was especially exciting, because the weather has been gray for the past week. We packed up camp and paddled to several new lakes. First, we portaged into Found Lake. Then we went to Skull Lake. We thought it was funny to be on Skull Lake just after Halloween. Then we went to Sucker Lake. On each lake, we took water quality measurements. We stopped for lunch on the portage from Newfound Lake to Splash Lake. We paddled from Splash Lake to Ensign Lake. Where a small rapids flows from Ensign to Splash we saw a large school of fish, with three eagles perched in nearby trees. Judging by the fish scales on the rocks, they had been eating fish. We think the fish were cisco. They could have been small whitefish. Ensign is where we decided to camp. The sunset was even more spect acular than the sunrise! Dave was shooting photos of the sunset when we heard a pack of wolves howling across the lake. They were really close. We were so excited that we howled back at them. They didn’t respond though. Late in the evening, I went down to the water’s edge to fill our pot with water. In the light of my headlamp I could see a crayfish. It was huge! Doesn’t it look like a miniature lobster? This type of crayfish is called a rusty crayfish. They are an invasive species here. An invasive species is a plant or animal that is not native to a place. They might have been introduced to a place by accident or on purpose. They often out-compete native species and can harm an ecosystem.

Lakes visited: 6

Animals seen:

4 red squirrels
2 loons
1 beaver
100+ cisco
3 eagles
1 raven
1 snowshoe hare
2 rusty crayfish

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