How should we make our trail in deep snow?

Snow has been falling for the past few days. Seeing the wilderness blanketed in three inches of new snow is beautiful, but it will make traveling more difficult. The snow is deep on the portage trails. The sled dogs work a lot harder if they have to wade through deep snow. We need your help to decide how we should travel across the portage trails.

We could ski in front of the dogs. The skis make a skinny trail that the dogs could follow. Dave and I tend to move faster on skis. We could snowshoe in front of the dogs. Snowshoes make a wider trail for the dogs, but walking on snowshoes is slower than skiing. One more option is to keep letting the dogs run ahead on the portage trails. If we choose this option, the dogs will be working harder and we probably need to travel shorter distances each day. Which option do you think is the best?

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  1. hannah waldner
    Posted February 1, 2016 at 10:31 am | Permalink

    Hi how are you is it snowing ?Were we live itis icee and very cold we have to wear fat caots.

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