100 Days Left in the Wilderness

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It’s that time of year again. The school year is wrapping up and soon summer break will be upon us. We will be taking a break for the summer too. This will be the last Notes from the Trail until the end of August. We will still post regular Daily Data entries and you can find photos and frequent posts on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Dave, Tank and I will still be in the Wilderness when you return to school in the fall. We have just about one hundred days left until September 23, 2016. That is the day we plan to exit the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. We have visited 322 lakes, rivers and streams so far.

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In case you’re curious, here is the list of water bodies we have visited so far:

1. South Kawishiwi River
2. Bruin Lake
3. Clear Lake
4. Eskwagama Lake
5. North Kawishiwi River
6. Conchu Lake
7. South Farm Lake
8. Little Gabbro Lake
9.  Gabbro Lake
10. Bald Eagle Lake
11. Quadga Lake
12. Rice Lake
13. Isabella River
14. Isabella Lake
15. Perent River
16. Boga Lake
17. Perent Lake
18. Snake River
19. Gull Lake (near Bald Eagle)
20. Camdre Lake
21. Pietro Lake
22. Clearwater Lake
23. Turtle Lake
24. Kawishiwi River
25. Lake One
26. Lake Two
27. Lake Three
28. Lake Four
29. Hudson Lake
30. Insula Lake
31. Recline Lake
32. Kiana Lake
33. Thomas Lake
34. Hatchet Lake
35. Ima Lake
36. Cattyman Lake
37. Gibson Lake
38. Ashigan Lake
39. Ensign Lake
40. Vera Lake
41. Knife Lake
42. Amoeber Lake
43. Topaz Lake
44. Cherry Lake
45. Hanson Lake
46. Toe Lake
47. Splash Lake
48. Newfound Lake
49. Moose Lake
50. Wind Lake
51. Bassood Lake
52. Range Lake
53. Sandpit Lake
54. Mudro Lake
55. Tin Can Mike Lake
56. Horse Lake
57. Horse River
58. Basswood River
59. Sucker Lake
60. Found Lake
61. Skull Lake
62. Boot Lake (near Snowbank)
63. Unnamed lake between Boot and Snowbank
64. Snowbank Lake
65. Parent Lake
66. Disappointment Lake
67. Ahsub Lake
68. Jitterbug Lake
69. Adventure Lake
70. Three Eagle
71. Swing Lake
72. Abinodji
73. Birch Lake
74. Carp Lake
75. Seed Lake
76. Melon Lake
77. Bonnie Lake
78. Spoon Lake
79. Unnamed lake between Spoon and Sema (west)
80. Unnamed lake between Spoon and Sema (east)
81. Sema Lake
82. Eddy Lake
83. Jenny Lake
84. Annie Lake
85. Ogishkemuncie Lake
86. Spice Lake
87. Skindance Lake
88. Kingfisher Lake
89. Jasper Lake
90. Tern Lake
91. Alpine Lake
92. Rog Lake
93. Seagull Lake
94. Paulson Lake
95. Glossy Lake
96. Elusion Lake
97. Glee Lake
98. Fay Lake
99. Chub River
100. Warclub Lake
101. Seahorse Lake
102. French Lake
103. Peter Lake
104. Gabimichigami Lake
105. Agamok Lake
106. Mueller Lake
107. Calico Lake
108. Barter Lake
109. Portage Lake
110. Good Lake
111. Hula Lake
112. Wood Lake
113. Fall Lake
114. Mud Lake
115. Ella Hall Lake
116. Muskeg Lake
117. Fourtown Lake
118. Boot Lake (near Fourtown)
119. Fairy Lake
120. Gun Lake
121. Bullet Lake
122. Moosecamp Lake
123. Gull Lake (near Gun)
124. Home Lake
125. Angleworm Lake
126. Mudhole Lake
127. Thunder Lake
128. Beartrap Lake
129. Tease Lake
130. North Hegman Lake
131. South Hegman Lake
132. Newton Lake
133. Manomin Lake
134. Ottertrack Lake
135. Gijikiki Lake
136. Rivalry Lake
137. Lake of the Clouds
138. Lunar Lake
139. Grub Lake
140. Muzzle Lake
141. Kobe Lake
142. Moiyaka Lake
143. Alworth Lake
144. Harmony Lake
145. Fraser Lake
146. Muskrat Lake
147. Trinity Lake
148. Shepo Lake
149. Saugus Lake
150. Roe Lake
151. Gerund Lake
152. Ahmakose Lake
153. Wisini  Lake
154. Strup Lake
155. Kekekabic Lake
156. Kek Lake
157. Pickle Lake
158. Ester Lake
159. Rabbit Lake
160. Totem Lake
161. Link Lake
162. Clam Lake
163. Ashdick Lake
164. Swamp Lake
165. Saganaga Lake
166. Tenor Lake
167. Zephyr Lake
168. Plume Lake
169. Dix Lake
170. Skoota Lake
171. Missionary Lake
172. Trader Lake
173. Explorer Lake
174. Benezie Lake
175. Drumstick Creek
176. Quartz Lake
177. Unnamed lake 1 (east) west of Quartz
178. Unnamed lake 2 (west) west of Quartz
179. Delta Lake
180. Bridge Lake
181. Horseshoe Lake (near Lake Three)
182. Brewis Lake
183. Harbor Lake
184. North Wilder Lake
185. Fire Lake
186. Cache Lake
187. Alice Lake
188. Hum Lake
189. Carol Lake
190. Fishdance Lake
191. River Lake
192. Amber Lake
193. Kivaniva Lake
194. Anit Lake
195. Pan Lake
196. Panhandle Lake
197. Unnamed Lake between Panhandle and Makwa
198. Makwa Lake
199. Birl Lake
200. Churn Lake
201. Hotfoot Lake
202. Elton Lake
203. Unnamed lake between Elton and Little Saganaga
204. Little Saganaga Lake
205. Elm Lake
206. Ecstasy Lake
207. Mora Lake
208. Whipped Lake
209. Fente Lake
210. Afton Lake
211. Frost River
212. Pencil Lake
213. Bologna Lake
214. Chase Lake
215. Octopus Lake
216. Frost Lake
217. Unload Lake
218. Gordon Lake
219. Cherokee Lake
220. Cherokee Creek
221. Skoop Lake
222. Ada Lake
223. Ada Creek
224. Sawbill Lake
225. Smoke Lake
226. Burnt Lake
227. Flame Lake
228. Kelly Lake
229. Jack Lake
230. Weird Lake
231. Peterson Lake
232. Baker Lake
233. Vern River
234. South Temperance Lake
235. Brule Lake
236. Juno Lake
237. South Cone Lake
238. Middle Cone Lake
239. North Cone Lake
240. Davis Lake
241. Cliff Lake
242. Wanihigan Lake
243. Mulligan Lake
244. Lily Lake
245. Vernon Lake
246. Swan Lake
247. Skidway Lake
248. Dugout Lake
249. South Brule River
250. Marshall Lake
251. Bower Trout Lake
252. Vern Lake
253. Whack Lake
254. Homer Lake
255. Unnamed lake south of Homer Lake
256. East Pipe Lake
257. Pipe Lake
258. Echo Lake
259. Winchell Lake
260. Pup Lake
261. Unnamed lake between Pup and Davis Lake
262. Gaskin Lake
263. Horseshoe Lake
264. Vista Lake
265. Misquah Lake
266. Little Trout Lake
267. Rum Lake
268. Kroft Lake
269. Ram Lake
270. Caribou Lake
271. Lizz Lake
272. Unnamed lake between Caribou and Meeds
273. Meeds Lake
274. Swamp Lake
275. Jake Lake
276. Lux Lake
277. Carl Lake
278. Morgan Lake
279. Brule River
280. Allen Lake
281. Jump Lake
282. Pillsbury Lake
283. Swallow Lake
284. Henson Lake
285. Otto Lake
286. Omega Lake
287. Kiskadinna Lake
288. Muskeg Lake
289. Long Island Lake
290. Cave Lake
291. Ross Lake
292. Sebeka Lake
293. Banadad Lake
294. Rush Lake
295. Little Rush Lake
296. Skipper Lake
270. One Island Lake
298. Unnamed lake north of Sebeka
299. Karl Lake
300. Doe Lake
301. Fawn Lake
302. Lower George Lake
303. Rib Lake
304. Cross Bay Lake
305. Dawkins Creek
306. Snipe Lake
307. Copper Lake
308. Hubbub Lake
309. Howl Lake
310. Tuscarora Lake
311. Owl Lake
312. Crooked Lake (near Tuscarora)
313. Jerry Lake
314. Tarry Lake
315. Gillis Lake
316. Fern Lake
317. Powell Lake
318. West Fern Lake
319. Virgin Lake
320. Rattle Lake
321. Leg Lake
322. Rapture Lake


Of all the lakes on this list, which one sounds the most interesting to you? Why?

Share your answer!

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We have seen 88 species of animals during our 265 days in the Wilderness. Here is the list of animals we have observed out here:

Alder flycatcher
American goldfinch
American redstart
American robin
American toad
Bald eagle
Barn swallow
Barred owl
Belted kingfisher
Black and white warbler
Black-capped chickadee
Black-throated green warbler
Blue-headed vireo
Blue jay
Blue spotted salamander
Brown creeper
Boreal chickadee
Canada goose
Cedar waxwing
Chipping sparrow
Common goldeneye
Common grackle
Common loon
Common merganser
Common redpoll
Deer mouse
Downy woodpecker
Double-crested cormorant
Great blue heron
Hairy woodpecker
Hermit thrush
House finch
Garter snake
Gray jay
Gray wolf
Hermit thrush
Herring gull
Lake trout
Least flycatcher
Northern flicker
Northern Pike
Northern saw-whet owl
Northern slider
Pied-billed grebe
Pileated woodpecker
Pine grosbeak
Pine marten
Pine siskin
Purple finch
Red-Backed Vole
Red-breasted nuthatch
Red squirrel
Red-tailed hawk
Ring-billed gull
River otter
Ruby-throated hummingbird
Ruffed grouse
Rusty crayfish
Smallmouth bass
Snapping turtle
Snowshoe Hare
Song sparrow
Spotted sandpiper
Spring peeper
Spruce grouse
Trumpeter swan
Tundra swan
Turkey vulture
White-tailed deer
White-throated sparrow
Wood duck
Wood frog
Yellow-rumped warbler

Do any of these animals live in your area? What are some animals that live in your area, but not in the BWCAW?

Share your answer!

Dave and I hope that you spend some time outside this summer. There are lots of fun activities you can do outside, like going to a nearby park or nature reserve. There are some interesting apps that can help you identify animals and keep track of the animals you see over the summer. We will continue to record the animals we see and we hope to hear about the animals that you see in your neighborhood.
Our two favorite apps are the Audubon Bird ID and iNaturalist.

There are some great resources for those of you who want to get out camping. Here are a few organizations that we know of that can help get you outside in a wild place: Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Big City Mountaineers, YMCA Camp Widjiwagan, YMCA Camp Menogyn, YMCA camp Manitowish, and Voyageur Outward Bound School. Scholarships are available for most of these programs too.

What outside activities do you plan to do this summer?

Share your answer!

This past week has been full of paddling and portaging for us. All the trees have green leaves on them now. Wildflowers are blooming, including the Minnesota state flower– the Lady’s Slipper. We have seen lady-slippers on several different portage trails. The weather has flip-flopped between sunny and rainy. The air temperature has been quite warm. This means the water in the lakes has heated up too. Two days ago we went for our first real swim of the summer. Instead of just jumping in and then out again, we floated around for a while, feeling refreshed. On that same day we saw two moose swimming. One was big and the other was small. They were a cow (or mom) and calf (young) moose. I think they were enjoying their time in the water as much as we were!

We have seen more people out here too. More and more campers are coming to enjoy the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in the summer. Maybe someday you will visit this place. Maybe you will visit another wilderness area or a state park or a national park. It is a great big world out there and we hope that you explore it! Have a good summer. We look forward to learning along with you again next fall.

Keep Exploring!

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