Online Expeditions

The Wilderness Classroom connects thousands of students with live expeditions throughout the world. Your class can improve core academic skills like reading and critical thinking while, helping the explorers solve problems, learning about ecosystems and interacting with the adventurers and scientists in the field.

School Assemblies

During school assemblies, National Geographic Adventurers of the Year, Dave and Amy Freeman share stunning images, video clips, expedition equipment and riveting accounts of their epic journeys. Presentations are tailored to fully engage a variety of ages and immerse students in an array of topics from rainforests to dog sledding. School assemblies often include the Expedition ABCs, which stand for Attitude, Belief, Care, Diet and Exercise. The Freemans demonstrate how these ABCs can help students succeed at school and in life.

Educational Resources

Our main objective is to educate elementary and middle school students about the world’s wildest places, rich history and varied cultures. The educational resources available to teachers and students include video conferencing, lesson plans aligned to Common Core Standards, scientific data, curriculum guides, online polls, video clips, an animal library and much more.

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